The Min Min Lights are a light phenomena that has been reported in the Outback Australia. These lights follow or approach people during the night, and disappear when fired upon. They can be seen, up to two hours, mostly during the winter. They are normally white, and occasionally, green, yellow and red. They are silent and smaller than the diameter of a full moon, casting glow and shadows on the surrounding areas. A min min light travels against the breeze and floats not far from the horizon. Its brightness varies greatly, and its distance as well, appearing very far away or just one or two meters away.

They are named after the Min Min hotel (Aboriginal name), located between the towns of Boulia and Winton. This inn burnt down in 1918, and after this event the first report was given by a stockman who was followed by a light during his journey. One can read his words at The Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper’s archive, January 25th 1947:

“You won't believe me, but it’s true— I swear it's the gospel truth! About 10 o’clock this evening I was riding not far from the Min Min graveyard when all of a sudden I saw a strange glow appear right in the middle of the cemetery. I looked at it amazed. The glow got bigger, till it was about the size of a water-melon. I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw it hovering over the ground. And then I broke into a cold sweat, for it started to come towards
me. “

Further stories about these lights come from Aboriginal myths predating European settlement. According to its folklore,
Min Min lights are ghosts of ancestors massacred in tribal wars thousands of years ago, or described  as protective spirits. In the time of dreams - Dreamtime - the Min Min Lights framed the stars in the sky.

Anyone who chases the lights and catches them will never return to tell the tale. More recently, the Min Min Lights are used in children’s books helping parents to put their kids into sleep. The town of Boulia, located at the peak of these observations, uses this tale as a touristic attraction. Since 2000 There is a museum called Min Min Encounter dedicated this phenomenon. Visitors can enjoy a 45 minute show with a storytelling by various witness, who claim to have seen the mysterious light. “ You don’t find the lights, they find you!” It’s told by the characters.

                 "We were in the Car and we saw Three Min Min Lights." Unknown author, State Libary of Queensland

In April 2024 I’ll travel to Australia and visit the region where this phenomenon was observed. I’ll stop in Brisbane, where I’ll be a visiting Research Scholar at the School of Communication and Arts. 


For the practical execution of the project, I’ll visit local archives and travel to the region where this phenomenon was observed. I’m particularly interested in exploring the town of Boulia, and visit the Min Min Encounter Museum.

I plan to document the courses where the lights were reported: roads, Min Min Hotel ruins, desert territory of the Outback and burke river. I want to collect testimonies, capture portraits  rom locals, and tourists.

Finally, I want to chase the light without knowing if I will be able to find it. This project isnt about the finding of these lights,  but mostly about its search.

If and only if I’m lucky enough to record the Min Min lights I’ll be happy to include then in my project.. And maybe, as the legend says, I won’t be able to come back and tell the story. 


I’ll to mix several mediums: Photography, video takes; creating a ghost-like imagery. Sound recording for interviews; and even nature sounds, archive material, such as postcards, and newspaper articles.

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